Beginners Guide Part 4

By now you already have 6 patterns under your belt! All of them have something to do with circles. Let’s see how we can enhance the different patterns by shading and other features. I have prepared a nice page telling all about orb enhancements. Click the image for more details!

Orb Enhancement by Ina Sonnenmoser

Shading your tangle

Materials required:

  • Pencil – standard 2B will be sufficient.
  • Blending stump or Tortillon (if you are desperate, cotton swabs will do for now)
  • Eraser – for adding highlights.


Here is a video by Ellen Wolters explaining different pencils and how to blend them.

And this video tutorial covers shading in more detail.

Should you be worried about messing up your original drawing, make a few copies and experiment.

Back to tangling now …

As a beginner you might fall into the trap of spending more time collecting patterns than actually tangling. It is more important to explore each pattern in depth, discovering the possibilities and not worrying too much about learning new patterns. Over the next few days we will build up a good base of patterns. Take your time and play around with each one of them individually.

There is a group on Facebook dedicated to Monotangles. A monotangle requires the use of just one pattern. A Tipple monotangle challenge does not mean you fill an entire tile only with circles. You are challenged to come up with ideas how to use the pattern in a creative way. A very good example is the tile created by Tricia Long:

Tipple Artwork by Tricia Long

If you are hooked and can’t get enough, join the Monotangle Adventures Group – there is a fun beginners challenge involving shaving cream 🙂


Click here to read all about it!

For the purpose of this tutorial, create a monotangle for each of the 6 patterns creating your own string or use one from our string collection. Remember, a monotangle contains only ONE pattern featuring multiple variations!

Tangle on my friends …


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