Grid Journey – Lesson 6

We are still stuck on these square grids.

What happens when your grid consists of different sized areas? Have a look at this pattern by Lila Holter:

Glace by Lila Holter

Do I need to say more? Doesn’t this open a whole new world?

And what happens when you combine 2 patterns into 1?


Some patterns would really got well together and create a new pattern just like that!

To open this new pattern-universe slowly to you, please pick 2 grid based patterns. Take ONE block from the one pattern and ONE block from the other pattern. For example:

Alegre by Carlos CanoAlAin by Dorothy Allison


Amalea by Chrissie FramptonAmy by Shazia

Now you can start again applying the same principle used in Lesson 1 – instead of using only one block and play with combinations, use one block from the one pattern and one block from another. How do they look when combined?

Grid Template 1

Instead of the same block to do this exercise, you use one block for the pink A and another block for the blue A.

Is your head spinning just THINKING of the possibilities? Good! That should keep you very busy for a while!

ZenHugs! Have fun and please don’t forget to post your findings in our Facebook group!

2 thoughts on “Grid Journey – Lesson 6

  • June 9, 2016 at 8:01 am

    For years, I knew a grid as “any network of a repeated shape”. Often grids gave structure to something else. Perfect examples are hexagonal honeycomb, triangular roof trusses, circular radar scopes and yes, Zentangle creations. Not sure how the notion arose that all grids were square like checkerboards. I’ve enjoyed seeing this grid series break out of the box. And in that same spirit, I’d like to share a few of my favorite sources of Zentangle grid inspiration. Enjoy. — Look Mom. Grids with curves. Funky straight lines, too. — Ignore the big words. Just toss in some numbers. – Genevi√®ve’s stencil magic help you create intriguing grids and combo shape grids perfect for tangling.


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