Pattern Summary 30th April to 6th May

Here is a list of all patterns added to during the first week of May. They are now sorted in the various categories and removed from the “New” section.

Clef by Erika Kehlet

Reencuentro by Carlos Cano

Million Air by Staub Korn

Stripy Diamonds by Anja Meeter

Weights by Theresa Beebe

Nia Kay by Erika Kehlet

U-Turn by Shazia

Heart and Flower by Alice Grant

Tsetse by Erika Kehlet

Swag by Rachel Foster

7 by Ina Sonnenmoser

Nautilus by Ina Sonnenmoser

Xs and Os by Donna Stanchfield

Spiralling Arrows by Theresa Beebe

Dicey by Theresa Beebe

Looby Li by Sarah Harrison

Gyrate by Sarah Harrison

Rest by Theresa Beebe

Ticky-Tacky by Tricia Long

PC Flower by Robin Henrikson

Sixteenth by Theresa Beebe

Rainbow Bridge by Sarah Harrison


Kinetic String by Samantha Mitterer

Cloverly by Theresa Beebe

Space Jam by Tricia Long

Atomic by Ina Sonnenmoser


These are the patterns added to the “Oldies section“:

Vin o' Vin by Dorothy Allison Leafing by Dorothy Allison Curlique by Dorothy AllisonIllusion by Dorothy Allison  AlAin by Dorothy Allison Buddy by Dorothy Allison Cupol by Dorothy Allison Egyp by Dorothy Allison Jester by Dorothy Allison Onesie by Dorothy Allison Pentnep by Dorothy Allison a-Meeba by Dorothy Allison

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